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Open Mobile Summit

Bold Business Ventures was founded in 2001 by Robin Batt, an entrepreneur specialising in predicting and understanding disrupted tech markets

Since then we've advised telcos, mobile carriers, Internet giants, record labels, start-ups and app publishers in North America, Europe and Asia on business strategy, market intelligence, product positioning and go to market strategies.

We've also worked with market leading premium content, online communities and event publishers. And delivered business intelligence around mobile Internet, IP communications, digital advertising, mobile commerce, enterprise mobility and beyond.

In 2008 Robin / Bold also founded The Open Mobile Summit, predicting the mobile / Internet revolution in the early iPhone and pre-Android era. This executive gathering quickly became one of the most significant events in the mobile industry calendar, and was sold to a leading business intelligence company in 2013.

Robin Batt set the agenda and personally lead the discussions between industry leaders such as Stephen Elop CEO Nokia, Dan Hesse CEO Sprint, John Donahoe CEO eBay, Vint Cerf Chief Internet Evangelist Google, Rich Miner co-founder Android, Dennis Crowley CEO Foursquare to name but a few, and continues to advise the organisers today on business strategy and as executive producer.

Robin has unparalleled understanding of converging mobile, Internet, media and commerce markets, key players and business opportunities as a result.

Bold Business Ventures pursues opportunities in disrupted tech markets directly as well as providing advisory services to other businesses.

"Robin brings all the heavyweights from mobile to silicon valley. The Open Mobile Summit is like the best of the Mobile World Congress, in San Francisco in an intimate conference setting. There's nothing else quite like it"Mark Curtis, founder, Flirtomatic and CCO, Fjord